Tuesday, October 02, 2007



In addition to participation in typical classroom activities and exercises, students are also asked to set individuals goals and work towards them throughout the semester (these goals may be changed during the course of the semester). Students shall meet with their instructor a couple of times during the semester to discuss their progress in achieving their goals and, at the end of the semester, to assess whether and to what extent these goals have been achieved. For this purpose, students should maintain a blog that tracks their progress and allows others to see the changes that have taken place. Students with similar goals may choose to study and work together.

In order to pinpoint your individual goals, please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge and in as much details as possible:
  1. What are your reasons for studying the Japanese language? (long-term goals)
  2. In order to achieve your goal(s), what do you hope to achieve this semester? If you already posted it/them on your blog, please restate it/them.
  3. To achieve what you wrote in #2, what do you plan to do during this semester? Please be as specific as possible.

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