Saturday, October 20, 2007



  1. The computer that I had been using for many years broke down, but I am going to try repairing it by myself because I’m worried about how much it will cost to fix it if I ask a store [to repair it].
  2. [We] use furosiki to wrap things up, but it is also convenient to put things in and take [them to somewhere].
  3. I would like to check if the package I mailed to Osaka University yesterday has already been delivered, but what should I do?
  4. Because I think that as for children, the more I praise [them], the better they become, I have been trying to praise [my] children at such times as when they get good grades and they are nice to people.
  5. When I went to Tokyo last month, Professor Tanaka came to pick me up (lit.: came to welcome me) to the airport.

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Fukai said...


1. 何年も使っていたコンピュータがこわれましたが、店にたのんだらなおすのにいくらかかるかしんぱいなので、自分でなおしてみます。

2. ふろしきはものをつつむのに使いますが、ものを入れて持って行くのにも便利です。

3. きのう大さか大学に送った荷物がもうとどいたかどうか調べたいんですが、どうすればいいですか。

4. 子どもはほめればほめるほどよくなると思うから、子どもがいいせいせきをとった時や人に親切にした時にほめるようにしています。

5. 先月東京へ行った時、田中先生に空こうまでむかえに来ていただきました。